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Cheer, Tumble and Gymnastics Schedules can be found on the Forms page.  To register online, click here on Class Schedules.

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Prerequisites for tumbling classes are as follows (student must have perfected skill before enrolling in class). New students must come in to be evaluated before enrolling in tumble classes. Evaluations in the Summer Session are Sunday 5:30-6:00, Tuesday 12:30-1:00, Wednesday 4:00-4:30 or Saturday 1:00-1:30.


Tumbling 1 - none

Tumbling 2 - forward/backward roll, cartwheel

Flip 1 - bridge kickover, round-off rebound

Flip 2 - front/back walkover, standing/round-off back handspring

Flip 3 - round-off 3 back handsprings, standing 2 back handsprings

Flip 4 - multiple back handsprings+back tuck, standing back tuck

Power Tumbling 1 - round-off back handpring

Power Tumbling 2 - round-off back tuck



Our gymnastics classes start at age 18 months.  They are designed to teach age appropriate gymnastics skills.  Class time will be spent on a variety of equipment including: beam, bars, rings, spring board, cartwheel mat, stair steps, a variety of size and shape mats, trampoline, Tumble Trak and Air Trak.  

Rollers - 18 months - 2 years Boys & Girls, Mommy and Me Class, 45 min

Flippers - 3-5 years Boys & Girls, 45 min

Twisters 1 - Ages 6 & up Girls or Boys Classes, beginning gymnastics skills, 60 min

Twisters 2 - Ages 6 & up Girls or Boys Classes, student has mastered beginning gymnastics skills, 90 min

Twisters 3 - Ages 6 & up Girls or Boys Classes, student has mastered intermediate gymnastics skills, 90 min


Cheer classes are grouped by age level.  Classes focus on cheers, jumps, dance, stunts and tumbling.  


Dance classes - Ballet and Tap Combo, Jazz and Hip Hop.  Classes are grouped by age level. Classes focus on basic dance skills.